Aaron Gassor, more commonly known as 'Ginger Ninja Trickster' has amassed a following of over One Million Subscribers and Over Half a Billion Views on YouTube. This is mainly due to his likeable personality, extensive knowledge of martial arts and demonstration of his extraordinary abilities.

He has been training in Martial Arts for over 14 years. With the knowledge he has attained over that time, and the unique way in which he teaches, Aaron has taught several celebrity clients and has held martial arts seminars all over the world. He has also been involved in several movies and TV shows, mainly as a stunt performer/stunt double and is renowned for his positive attitude, professionalism, determination and adaptability. In addition, Aaron has performed in music videos, ads and other various shows and events all around the globe.
Coming from a family invoved in Martial Arts (Master Gary Gassor 8th Dan & Leanne Gassor-Jones 5th Dan), Aaron started late at 15 in 2005. He Currently holds a 3rd Dan in ITF Taekwon-Do, a 3rd Dan in Kickboxing (Mixed with Muay Thai, Kenpo and Fillipino Martial Arts) and a 1st Dan in World Taekwondo. Along the way he has also practiced and gained some experience in other styles to broaden his knowledge of martial arts. Aaron also decided to start Tricking in April 2009 to test his body's capabilities and to have fun.

Aaron has competed at various tournaments around the world, winning championships and many medals along the way. But when he recieved the news that he was going to become a father, he stopped competing to focus on his future and his childs arrival. His daughter, Sophia Grace Gassor was born on the 9th October 2012. He then had his 2nd Child, Mya Faith Gassor on the 4th September 2015.
On 13th July 2012 he started a youtube channel called 'Ginger Ninja Trickster' to showcase his talents, see his progression and reminisce at a later date.

However, after a few comments on whether he could make some tutorials, he decided to make one and see what the feedback was like. He was overwhelmed by the comments he recieved and decided to continue to make them to help others who needed advice. His helpful attitude and regular replies to questions saw his channel grow significantly in a short period of time.
The growth and recognition of his talents has seen him become involved in the Movie and TV industry mainly as a stunt performer/stunt double. He has been in Eliminators, Wonder Woman, Kingsman 2 (Doubling Sir Elton John), Into the Badlands Season 2, Krypton and so on.

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Who knows what will be in the next chapter for the Ginger Ninja Trickster...